Connecting the Tech Ecosystem in The Netherlands

We are founders, start-up employees, investors, tech enthusiasts, academics who believe in sharing, giving back & inspiring others as a way of changing the world.


La French Tech Amsterdam is the French Tech community in The Netherlands, a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders.

La French Tech Amsterdam is an initiative powered by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of France, promoting connections between startups or innovative initiatives in The Netherlands and the French Tech ecosystem.

Our mission? We give access to information & contacts, speed connections with local startups and scale-ups through events, funding & networking opportunities.


In collaboration with 10 other French Tech communities in Europe, we are producing a video podcast series: 40 episodes dedicated to innovation, business and technology, staging inspiring speakers.


Upcoming events

07/07/2024 – 07/07/2024, Amsterdam

“Learning Expedition” à vélo

Une expedition a vélo qui sera l’occasion de passer un moment ensemble, re-découvrir l’écosysteme d’Amsterdam 
et s’inspirer des nouvelles tendances.
09/09/2024 – 09/09/2024, Amsterdam

Evènement CCI & French Tech

Événement visant a partager de l’information pour naider les entreprises de la French Tech à se développer aux Pays-Bas, 
présentation du French Tech Welcome Guide et interventions d’experts dans plusieurs...